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120 Fv152
Sogn og Fjordane, 6848

+47 57 69 32 88

The Norwegian Glacier Museum offers entertainment and education for the whole family. The Norwegian Glacier Museum is a official visitor centre of the Jostedalsbreen National Park.


Educational Playground

The Educational Playground at the Norwegian Glacier Museum & Ulltveit-Moe climate centre.

Educational Playground

In May 2014 the Norwegian Glacier Museum opened the outdoors exhibition "Educational Playground". The playground is made especially for our youngest visitors, where they can learn about the woolly mammoth, sea level rise and moraines.

The first part of the playground opened in May 2013, when the mammoth family was presented.

In May 2014 we finished the Educational Playground by introducing interactive exhibits about sea level rise and how moraines are formed.

A woolly mammoth family.

Sea level rise.

What is a moraine?

The exhibit about sea level rise is a miniature landscape of Fjærland with the Glacier Museum located between steep mountains on a river delta by the fjord. How can global warming affect the glaciers and the water for sea level to rise?

What is a moraine? The exhibit contains real glacial sediments (till) and three glaciers you can push between the mountains to form moraines. Hidden in the moraine you may find exciting fossils of prehistoric animals!

The outdoors area with the Educational Playground. Photo: Gaute Dvergsdal Bøyum.